single use
The National Retail Association (NRA) welcomes the passing of legislation today to ban single-use plastic items in the ACT, starting with cutlery, stirrers, and expanded polystyrene food containers.

The NRA commends the ACT Government’s strong track record reducing the impact of plastic waste and protecting our environment and marine life.

The NRA is proud to be an active member of the ACT Plastic Reduction Taskforce, building on our extensive history working with governments on the ban on single-use plastic bags, container deposit schemes and now the single-use plastics ban.

NRA Director of Policy David Stout said that the Association is looking forward to working with the ACT Government to help with retailer engagement and education on the ban.

“We commend the ACT Government for their continued commitment to working with industry, community and the public to deliver environmental outcomes,” said Mr Stout.

“The NRA and our members have been instrumental in some of the most significant environmental changes in Australia, from billions of lightweight plastic bags being prevented from consumption, to collaborating on key taskforces responsible for rolling out container deposit schemes,” Mr Stout said.

Mr Stout noted that he believed the ACT Government had given fair consideration to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and emerging challenges for businesses to comply.

“Retailers are eager to comply and we will continue to work with government to seek clarity for businesses.”


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David Stout is available for interviews. Please contact the NRA’s media unit on 0467 792 013 or 07 3221 9222.