Plastic Bag Debate Continues

The National Retail Association and the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection are working closely to ensure that Queensland’s proposed plastic bag ban is implemented with as little inconvenience to retailers and consumers as possible.

The state-wide ban on the supply of lightweight plastic shopping bags is due to come into effect on 1 July 2018 and the Government has released a public discussion paper to ensure that the public is properly consulted beforehand.

NRA Manager for Industry Policy, Research & Projects David Stout said that retailers are working closely with the Department on how to best implement this reform.

“A ban on the supply of lightweight plastic shopping bags will obviously impact on the way retailers do business, so consultation is key to making sure the ban is implemented as smoothly as possible,” Mr Stout said.

“Retailers will have to juggle the expectations of their customers in order to ensure that shopping at their outlet remains as convenient as possible.

“We encourage both retailers and the general public to contribute to the Government’s discussion paper so we can find the best route possible to move forward on this issue.

“We have until 1 July 2018 until this ban is planned to come into effect and it is important that we use the intervening period to help retailers and consumers adequately prepare for this environmental reform.”

The discussion paper and information on how to make a contribution can be made here with consultation closing on 27 February 2017.

The National Retail Association is also working with other state governments across Australia, in line with each state’s varying schedules, to ensure the interests of retailers are represented. We will keep you posted on developments in each state.