National Retail Associations shows support for Victorian bottle deposit scheme

The National Retail Association has today thrown its support behind Victoria’s new bottle deposit scheme, saying it will help create a more uniform national environment.

CEO Dominique Lamb said the scheme announced by the State Government would help reduce the number of bottles finding their way into creeks and rivers, and would bring Victoria into line with other states.

“The experience elsewhere in Australia has been that these schemes lead to a significant reduction in littering, which is a good outcome for our environment,” Ms Lamb said.

“It also creates a level playing field for store owners operating near the border with other states, and reduces red tape for those who work across multiple jurisdictions.”

Ms Lamb acknowledged that the scheme would initially present a small challenge to some retailers, with the price increase being applied by their wholesalers, and some customers sensitive to even a small price rise.

However, she encouraged retailers to speak with their customers about the scheme, including how to reclaim their deposit money.

“The NRA stands ready to support the State Government in its communication with retailers and the public.

“We firmly believe Australians want to see a cleaner environment, and will support steps in the right direction.”