The National Retail Association (NRA) has welcomed the Victorian Government’s move to implement tough new penalties for people who assault retail workers.

The new laws will bring Victoria into line with other state and territories on the issue with a Bill to Parliament to be introduced in 2025.

NRA Director of Policy David Stout said the association was looking forward to working with the Victorian Government to craft laws that keep retail workers safe.

“Retail faces a range of challenges, but few are as important as addressing the escalation of assaults on retail workers,” Mr Stout said.

“Retailers welcome all customers who have intentions to shop, however there is no excuse for abuse, violence or harassment.

“Abusive shoppers need to understand that their anti-social behaviour is not just rude but also against the law.

“The NRA looks forward to working closely with the Victorian Government to ensure the laws are effective and meet the same high standards as successful models in New South Wales and South Australia.”

The National Retail Association will be a leading participant in the government’s Worker Protection Consultation Group who will be charged with developing the legislation to be introduced to Parliament in 2025.


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