trading hours

The National Retail Association today backed the Queensland Government’s call for Parliament to pass its sensible reforms to the state’s retail trading laws.

NRA Chief Executive Officer Dominique Lamb said business owners were tired of politicians paying lip service to cutting red tape, but failing to act when the opportunity was presented to them.

“The Queensland Parliament is currently considering a range of sensible and modest reforms to retail trading laws which will significantly reduce the red tape burden on businesses from large to small,” Ms Lamb said.

“These reforms have resulted from an independent and wide-ranging review, and although the NRA would like to see a single set of rules for the entire state, we understand the Government’s reasons for maintaining a number of distinct zones.

“Importantly though, the proposed new laws would significantly streamline and simplify opening and closing times, and drastically reduce the red tape burden on businesses that trade across various parts of the state.

“These are very sensible reforms that will free up retailers to get on with business and job creation, and they are low-hanging fruit in terms of eradicating red tape.”

Ms Lamb said the changes would not affect existing trading hours in south east Queensland, and would not introduce Sunday or public holiday trading into regional towns that did not already have it.

The laws will simply the state into three areas – the south-east, regional and tourist zones – and create common opening and closing hours for businesses in each area.  They will also simplify the number of retail categories to just two – large businesses that must abide by the trading hours restrictions, and small businesses that are free to operate largely as they wish to.”

“This is the kind of sensible reform that can significantly ease the red tape pressure on business owners, and make life simpler and more predictable for shoppers and tourists.  The NRA endorses the approach the Palaszczuk Government has taken on this matter, and we call on the State Opposition and all members of Parliament to get behind these red-tape busting measures.”