NRA Harassment Prevention Guide

The National Retail Association (NRA) has taken a lead role in creating safer, more respectful workplaces for retail workers with the release of its Sexual Harassment Prevention Guide today.

Lindsay Carroll, Interim CEO of the peak industry body, said the Guide to Sexual Harassment Prevention in the Retail and Food Service Environments will help businesses navigate the regulatory landscape and implement prevention and management policies.

The NRA led the charge following the passing of the landmark Respect@Work Bill in late November and developed the guide in consultation with retail and food service employers.

“Businesses and employers have been given the responsibility to prevent and manage the risk of sexual harassment just as they do for every other work health and safety issue,” said Ms. Carroll.

“However, in many cases, small businesses do not have access to trained human resources personnel to appropriately address the complexities of sexual harassment in the workplace.

“Managers, supervisors and leaders must play a role in managing this issue, and with the help of our Prevention Guide they will be able to appropriate action.

“It will guide management to address the driving forces behind this unacceptable behaviour and how to create a healthy workplace culture for their staff.”

Ms. Carroll said it is vital that retail businesses are engaged throughout the transition process.

“Retail and fast food have been identified as high-risk settings for sexual harassment. We are one of the largest employers of young people and women who have a high level of interaction with customers or other third parties, making the perfect cocktail for increased incidences of sexual harassment.

“This unwarranted behaviour is detrimental to workers’ physical and mental wellbeing and has an impact on productivity and staff turnover.

“Workplace sexual harassment is a societal issue that all organisations, employers, and individuals have a responsibility to address.

“The NRA is strongly committed to providing safe and respectful workplace environments for employees across Australia’s retail sector.”

The National Retail Association is the voice of modern retail, representing more than 60,000 stores across Australia.  It has been serving businesses in the retail and fast-food sectors for close to 100 years.

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