Are you ready to navigate the retail jungle with expert advice?

Join us at our “Survivorsphere” hub, proudly presented by the National Retail Association at this year’s Retail Fest. As you traverse this immersive experience, uncover a treasure trove of expert guidance at every twist and turn of our retail jungle.

The retail landscape can be daunting, but fret not! Our pavilion is a supportive hub where retailers can seek expert advice to overcome hurdles and flourish in the competitive market. Step into our vibrant pavilion and connect with six trusted partners of the National Retail Association, each offering invaluable guidance:

  • NRA Legal: Expert Workplace Relations and Legal Advice
  • Tanda: Digital Solutions For Compliant Rostering and Payroll
  • Podium: Expert Customer Journey Advice
  • CarbonHalo: Expert Sustainability Advice
  • Retail Doctor Group: Expert Retail Transformation Advice
  • Checkpoint: Expert RFID Inventory Management Advice

If you’re ready to gain insights and solutions that revolutionise your business, visit our partners in the hub for their expert advice. And don’t forget to collect a wristband while you’re chatting with one of our partners to redeem a free refreshing coconut. Consider it our jungle-inspired treat to fuel your exploration!

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Visit us at Retail Fest, and together, let’s conquer the challenges of the retail world!

Retail Fest kicks off a series of roadshows along Australia’s east coast in 2024, hosted by the National Retail Association. These roadshows will provide direct support and guidance to retailers, and we warmly invite you to join us. With only a limited number of tickets available, register your interest in our May/June round of roadshows via the form here