Retail 5.0


From bartering stone axes to distributed exchange of digital artefacts: retail has been with us for as long as we can remember. As the digital economy dawns on us, we are all reconsidering our traditional understanding of retail.

Retailers are racing to create competitive advantage. Customer centricity, real-time delivery, highly personalised offers, self-selling stores… Retail as we know is about to change dramatically. A great opportunity for those who prepare for it!

As part of their Chair in Digital Economy initiatives, PwC is inviting retailers to join the conversation in Brisbane this March.

Retail 5.0: Check-out the Future

Date: Tuesday 7 March, 2017

Venue: Room ThreeSixty, QUT Gardens Point. 2 George Street, Y Block level 10, Brisbane.

Time: 5pm – 8.30pm

Topic: Retail 5.0. What is it, what will it bring, how will it impact us and how can we harness the vast opportunities? Importantly, what can other industries learn from the evolution of retail?

Speakers include:

  • Professor Marek Kowalkiewicz, PwC Chair in Digital Economy at QUT, will capture the essence of fundamental changes we see within the retail industry and what to expect next.
  • Dr Paula Dootson of PwC Chair in Digital Economy will explore in depth aspects of customer-retailer interactions and how these may change in light of new advances in retail.
  • Dan Beecham, former CIO of Woolworths and Morrisons will share stories and lessons learned during his professional career in a conversation with Prof. Michael Rosemann, a globally recognised thought leader with a digital mind and passion for corporate innovation.
  • Dr Deb Polson, an academic focusing on exploiting unique aspects of new and old technologies to imagine the future of human experience, will blow our minds, sharing her research on… you have to see it to believe it!

Register here to attend, or find out more about PwC Chair in Digital Economy initiatives here.