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The National Retail Association encourages retailers to observe the one-minute’s silence on Remembrance Day on the 11th of November at 11.00am to pay tribute to those who have served during times of war and armed conflict.

Advice for retailers and shopping centres

Retailers within shopping centres and stores with the capacity to make announcements should notify staff and customers that the minute’s silence will begin shortly and upon its commencement at 11.00am.

Smaller or independent retailers may need to monitor the clock closely and notify staff and customers present that they will be taking a minute’s silence.

Retailers should be prepared to explain the significance of Remembrance Day to customers to ensure their support and understanding during this time and take this opportunity to respectfully encourage shoppers to take part and not to demand service until after the minute’s completion.

Sample announcement

“Attention customers, in honour of Australians who have served during times of war and armed conflict, we ask you to join us in one minute of silence.”

Optional: Play ‘The Last Post’ – Royalty-free link here.

Need further advice?

Contact the Policy team at policy@nra.net.au or 1800 RETAIL.