Trading Hours Queensland

The National Retail Association today endorsed the Queensland Government’s “common sense” approach to trading hours, saying the decision would allow retailers to best support vulnerable people.

CEO Dominique Lamb said Industrial Relations Minister Grace Grace had foreshadowed a legislative change to allow supermarkets outside south east Queensland to open from 7am – the opening time that currently applied in the south east.

Ms Grace had also indicated that supermarkets would be allowed to begin trading the new hours immediately, and they would not be penalised while the work was done to change the official trading hours regime.

“The State Government has listened to the concerns of retailers and responded,” Ms Lamb said.

“We thank the Minister for acting on our concerns. This will allow large supermarket chains in Queensland to implement their nation-wide policies of reserving special trading hours for the elderly and people with disabilities.”

The NRA was responsible for implementing uniform 7am opening times in south east Queensland, through the landmark SEQ Trading Hours case in the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission.

“It makes sense that this opening time should be available right across Queensland, particularly in the unusual circumstances we now confront,” Ms Lamb said.