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While hard skills and technical know-how are important, the difficulty is often finding someone who has those skills and the leadership skills needed to develop an effective and efficient team.

Many of our members are asking for the NRA Training Team to deliver one or two day workshops focusing on further developing and refreshment of Leadership skills in their Store managers.

We are really enjoying hearing the feedback which shows that learning is being put in to practice…

After attending a Communication workshop, a Store Manager was able to delegate some of what she usually does to another team member. This freed her up to work out on the sales floor and now her sales are leading the way.

Others are using the information on change and have implemented changes in the store without the usual panic and upset or resistance.

Others have been able to use the information on communication to check the levels of understanding with in their teams and haven’t had to keep repeating themselves.

Another Manager has used clear communication in a one on one meeting with a full time Sales assistant addressing position status and job position requirements. After setting clear boundaries and limits, they also identified together job responsibilities and role requirements to assist store performance and meeting targets. What they have found is they are gaining a more positive ground through building a better relationship and more success in store performance and meeting targets.

If you would like to know more about our Leadership programs, please contact our Director of Training, Yvonne on y.williams@nra.net.au.