The National Retail Association has officially partnered with the Queensland Police Service to educate retailers on new legislation which will see knives and other controlled items prohibited from sale to minors, as well as requirements for secure storage of particular items prior to sale.

The new laws are part of a suite of initiatives, such as expanded wanding powers, being launched by the Queensland Government in order to combat knife crime and youth offending, work with industry on solutions, and protect the community.

In brief, businesses will need to meet the following requirements:

  • Age restriction offences:
    • Prohibition of sale of controlled items (e.g. knives, axes, tomahawks, machetes, swords, spears) to minors under 18 years;
    • Staff must be instructed in their obligations and warned of their potential liability with written acknowledgement; and
    • Sellers must display signage either where each controlled item is displayed or at every point-of-sale. This signage will have minimum design requirements.
  • Promotional restrictions:
    • Prohibition of any promotion, packaging, images, words or markings that suggest a controlled item is suitable for combat or encourages violence or harm.
  • Secure storage requirements:
    • Particular controlled items (e.g. double-edged knives, axes, tomahawks, machetes, swords, spears) must also be securely stored at all times prior to sale.
  • Gel blasters are also considered a Restricted Item under the Weapons Act and sellers need to be aware of their obligations.

While the legislation has passed, the supporting regulations and a proclamation date are yet to be set, however we encourage retailers to start making changes now. Businesses can immediately cease sale to minors without repercussions under the Anti- Discrimination Act 1999.

Business support program

From May to October this year, the National Retail Association’s Policy team will be delivering a range of support services for businesses, including:

  • a Guide for Business (a comprehensive handbook explaining each requirement and tips on how to comply);
  • a range of signage for instore display and staff training on ID-checking;
  • a sample staff acknowledgement form;
  • a tollfree hotline manned by National Retail specialists;
  • online webinars;
  • direct briefings for national retailers; and
  • physical visits to thousands of stores in over 500 shopping centres and retail precincts across metro and regional QLD.

Resources are currently being finalised and will be available soon.

We will be working closely with QPS and a range of stakeholders, from national retailers and suppliers, from bricks-and-mortar store businesses to e-commerce retailers.

More information

For more information, contact the National Retail Association at or 1800 571 146. You can also register your interest in receiving resources or a briefing here: