Omnichannel, multichannel, microsites, geotargeting, C2B and big data. Keeping up with the latest trends and buzzwords is difficult for most small to medium retailers who often don’t have the time or resources to focus heavily on the expectations of consumers when it comes to digital.

Omnichannel, to put it simply means ‘all’ or ‘universal’ as opposed to multichannel meaning many. Omnichannel has proven to the expected experience for consumers as it is about a true continuity of service one’s experience.

The way consumers are researching and purchasing has moved away from either bricks and mortar or online to a seamless multi-platform experience.

Remembering back to when camera phones were introduced, many stores held a no photo policy. Those retailers that were slow to adapt to new technologies have seen consumers flee to competitors, whereas companies who have integrated the mobile camera as a marketing tool, sales tool or customer relations tool have thrived.

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