When it comes to a state-by-state comparison, total online spending is dominated by the three major Eastern States (NSW, VIC & QLD) at 76%, according to a report commissioned by Quantium.


Figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics suggest that the total online retail spend for each state & territory closely mirrors the population of each state & territory. For instance, NSW – the most populous state – has the highest total online spend, followed by VIC & Queensland with the NT recording the lowest share of total sales.

On a per capita basis, however, it is a slightly different story. The report shows that the ACT, NT, WA & NSW all spend more than the national average when it comes to online retail. While TAS, QLD, VIC & WA all spend slightly less than the national average.

Metropolitan residents still greatly outstrip their regional counterparts when it comes to online retail spending, with 74% to 19.5% respectively. However the growth of spending on a monthly basis is slightly higher in the regions at 1.9% compared to 0.5% in metro areas.

NAB Online Retail Sales Index