Research continues to demonstrate the value of a diverse leadership team.

While this makes a great case for achieving gender parity, women remain heavily underrepresented at the executive level in retail and FMCG. Only 12% of women occupy CEO positions, despite making up the majority of the workforce.

At the consumer level, women contribute to almost three-quarters of all retail spending. This magnifies the need for gender parity. The retail industry could better target its core consumer by
representing the market at the executive level. If women account for the vast majority of industry success at the consumer level, why isn’t this reflected in upper management?

The battle may be uphill, but the evolving retail environment presents exciting opportunities for retail professionals. Climbing the career ladder may be challenging, especially for women – and
it’s not always clear what steps to take – but the earlier women create their leadership legacy, the faster gender parity can be achieved.

In light of the challenges and opportunities of the rapidly evolving retail environment, Liquid Learning is bringing industry leaders and aspiring women together for an exclusive professional
development opportunity. The 7th Women in Retail & FMCG Leadership Summit brings together an impressive lineup of senior executives from across the sector to share their leadership
journeys and the practical tools you need for success.

The summit will be brought to life with a mix of anecdotal case studies, expert commentaries and interactive panel discussions. This event has been designed specifically to address the
unique challenges of the retail environment and provide guidance for launching a successful leadership career.

Liquid Learning is proud to partner with the National Retail Association in anticipation of the summit. To celebrate, we’re offering an exclusive 10% off registration if you book before 10/09/2018.

The 7th Women in Retail & FMCG Leadership Summit
12 & 13 September | Shangri-La Sydney

– Position yourself for career growth
– Expand your leadership skills and influence
– Convert challenges into opportunities
– Step up and stand out

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