National Location Registry

The National Retail Association (NRA) has continued to provide support for the retail industry by joining the Steering Committee of the soon-to-be released National Location Registry. The NRA’s presence on this Committee will see the peak industry body working to streamline Australian freight and delivery processes with a new digital hub.

The Steering Committee was established in August 2019, after the Federal Government identified that there are gaps in supply chain visibility that impede goods getting where they need to go.

Understanding the specific parameters of a location where physical transport processes take place has been identified as a critical component to achieving effective supply chain visibility. Often retailers will have accounts with multiple freight providers, and have incomplete or inaccurate location data with these providers. If a retailer is based in a shopping centre or hard to reach place, the delivery driver may not know where to go, if there are height or weight limits, what the operating hours, or a variety of other factors. This lack of transparency causes angst for drivers and for recipients of goods.

“Taking delivery of goods can be a pain point for retailers, even before you think about the snap lockdowns that have occurred over the past two months disrupting delivery schedules,” said NRA CEO Dominique Lamb.

“By having one source of truth for your location data, that can be updated quickly and efficiently, retailers can smooth logistical challenges. From your shopfront being located on one street but your loading bay on another, or certain docks having certain requirements at a shopping centre, this Registry will provide accurate information from retailers to logistics companies”.

The National Location Registry, powered by GS1 Australia, will combat this inefficiency by creating one source of truth in a digitized data hub. In order to get the Registry up and running, we encourage all retailers to publish their delivery location data to the Registry. The National Retail Association will provide more information on how to do so as the project launches.


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