The Leasing Department

The National Retail Association is proud to announce a new strategic partnership with The Leasing Department as its preferred provider of leasing and tenancy services nationally.

The Leasing Department will play a key role in guiding NRA members on leasing and tenancy issues affecting their business as well as provide input on leasing and tenancy trends and developments across the retail industry.

“Property and leasing decisions play such an important part in our members’ overall business success,” NRA CEO Dominique Lamb said.

“We are excited about working with The Leasing Department to help raise awareness of this role with our members and for our members to have access to expert retail leasing services when they need it.”

Founder and Director of The Leasing Department Kyle Swain, has a solid background in retail management and extensive experience across a range of property roles placing him in an enviable position when negotiating lease terms and providing property input to business strategy.

“We started The Leasing Department because we wanted to help retail tenants improve their bottom line performance by making smart property decisions at crucial times for their business,” Kyle said.

“We’re excited about partnering with the NRA and the opportunity to help build a strong, vibrant retail sector in Australia by contributing to the success of individual retailers and up-skilling them on the value of being proactive in the way they manage their lease and property assets.

“Already this year, we’ve seen a number of leading retail brands have to close their doors. It’s more important than ever to ensure your lease is a valuable asset for your business, rather than a liability, and that you take full advantage of any opportunity to re-align your lease terms with your business performance.

The Leasing Department provides NRA members with an initial complementary consultation to discuss issues and questions relating to their retail lease. Following initial contact, members may choose to formally engage The Leasing Department to act on their behalf.

Kyle will also be providing regular tips and information on maximising your leasing terms via our blog and newsletter.

Read more about the services The Leasing Department provides here.

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To discuss these tips further, or for other leasing and tenancy questions relating to your business, contact us on 1800 RETAIL (1800 738 245).