National Retail Association

The National Retail Association is pleased to announce its strategic appointment of experienced retail and people leader, Amy Lynes, to bolster our member advisory services with specialised human resources and workforce planning support.

The National Retail Association has always been best in market with advising on HR and workplace relations to retailers and the addition of Amy to our team further expands our depth of expertise to our members.

Amy joins the team following a long career in global retail business where she worked across learning and development, people and culture, and executive leadership positions. Her background in retail operations and corporate leadership sees Amy approach matters with a truly commercial retail lens.

As a legally qualified people leader, Amy brings a unique capability to the workplace relations team at the National Retail Association and is available to provide support in the following areas:

  • Strategic HR advice including capacity building for internal HR functions.
  • Locum HR support, i.e. experienced HR leader available for temporary placements;
  • Advice on equity, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace.
  • Culture setting and management
  • Strategic workforce planning including advice on remuneration and benefits
  • Talent management strategies including guidance on recruitment and retention
  • Work health and safety advice & support

Amy will also work alongside our experienced workplace relations advisors to provide support to members on risk & compliance associated with employment and work health and safety across the retail, manufacturing, food service and hospitality, and clerical sectors.

The National Retail Association has the ear of thousands of retail businesses across Australia and combining these unique insights with Amy’s deep experience provides our members with a truly unparalleled workplace relations advisory service.

As we absorb the recent significant reform to industrial relations legislation, there has been no better time to seek holistic support and guidance from the National Retail Association’s experienced workplace relations team.


Or to access FREE* workplace relations telephone advice call 1800 RETAIL.

*Free to NRA members