nra and salvos stores

The National Retail Association and Salvos Stores have partnered together to offer an exciting new training program designed to empower Salvos Stores people leaders and create customer value.

Salvos Stores CEO Matt Davis said that ‘LEAD‘ is a three phase program designed to develop and support people working in Salvos Stores and ensure the ongoing success of the organisation.

“LEAD is a leadership, education and development program for Salvos Stores and it is all about goal setting, people management, and customer value,” Mr Davis said.

“At Salvos Stores, we have decided to partner with the National Retail Association because we were really looking for an organisation that shared our values and our commitment to people.

“The NRA has got a fantastic track record in empowering women in leadership and helping young people to get into the workforce.”

NRA CEO Dominique Lamb said that she has never seen a training program like LEAD in the retail industry.

“At the NRA, we are very passionate about the quality of our training and the achievements that occur as a direct result of our training programs,” Ms Lamb said.

“Salvos and the NRA are both not for profit organisations with a shared set of values and vision.”

“This is a significant investment for The Salvos into their retail stores and what it will mean for the managers involved is that they will receive skills that add customer value and help them to achieve success in their stores.

“The most exciting thing about this program for the NRA is the opportunity to work so closely with such an amazing organisation and to see how they do things that we can implement into our training programs.”

Phase 1 of the LEAD Program begun in March 2017 and is due for completion by November 2017.

Do you need a comprehensive program to provide your store and/or area managers with practical skills in leadership, managing diverse workforces and goal-setting?

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