Mutuality Software is the new platform for powerful digital marketing, customer engagement, social media management and communication that has been purpose-built for retail. The software is a wholistic solution where all customer data and marketing components work well together on a single, easy-to-use platform. It can be used by anyone in the retail space, from shopping centre managers to small business owners.

Mutuality’s multi-tenant capability allows for easier communication and seamless marketing activity between retail groups, franchises and shopping centres. The software is unique in that it allows each store to hold its own discrete database of customers independently of each other, and customise offerings to suit the local market. These features are of particular use to shopping centre managers and franchise owners who deal with multiple storefronts daily.

One way to ensure success of your business is by tracking customer data. Access to this information can be done easily on the Mutuality platform. The individual customer journey is tracked across all channels and touch points, then stored in a single customer-focussed data management system. This system allows retailers to listen, engage and respond to individual customers, their needs and what they expect from the business. By using this data effectively, retailers can see what is working in the business, what is not, and adjust accordingly to drive customer satisfaction.

Driving marketing campaigns are a daunting task to busy retail managers and shop owners. But Mutuality’s software allows them to not only analyse their local market, but launch campaigns and make offers that are suitable to that particular group. Campaigns can be managed quickly and easily across any digital channels from the one platform, with the benefit of real-time performance tracking. Bricks-and-mortar stores can effectively reconnect with their online audience through digital marketing campaigns, drive sales and attract new customers from their local area.

Mutuality Software cuts out the need to have multiple marketing and tracking tools, not only saving time but operating costs as well. This all-in-one platform allows users to track customer actions and habits, gain important insights and launch marketing campaigns.

Bookings for software demonstrations can be made on Mutuality’s website here.