New Safety Standard for Projectile Toys

The ACCC has announced an updated mandatory safety standard for projectile toys, designed to protect children from serious eye injuries or choking from toys like bow and arrow sets and toy guns. The mandatory standard prescribes requirements for the design, construction and labelling of projectile toys.

Suppliers are now able to choose to comply with either the latest Australian voluntary standard or listed overseas standards, which is estimated to save Australian businesses approximately $6.75 million per annum through greater access to global markets and reduced compliance costs.

This mandatory standard includes a transition period to assist with the changeover to the new mandatory standard.

Up to 11 June 2021, suppliers have the option to comply with the requirements from either the Consumer Goods (Projectile Toys) Safety Standard 2020 or Consumer Protection Notice No. 16 of 2010 (Consumer Product Safety Standard for Children’s Projectile Toys).

From 12 June 2021, suppliers must only comply with the requirements in the Consumer Goods (Projectile Toys) Safety Standard 2020.


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