Mindscale Study

Tracking mental health and wellbeing among working men and women to predict risk

One in 5 Australians experience depression or anxiety every year and this leads to reduced work productivity. It is important to prevent people from becoming anxious or depressed in the first place.

A University of Sydney research team has created a risk model and study to identify a set of social, health, and work-related risk factors that predict poor mental health among working men and women. The study is designed to track people’s mental health and wellbeing over 12 months to test how well the study’s risk model can predict distress.

How you can be part of the study

The research team are seeking non-distressed working Australian adults with a smartphone to complete questionnaires about their risk factors and wellbeing. Participants will be asked to complete the questionnaires again at 6 months and 12 months later. The questionnaires take about 15 minutes to complete on each occasion.

How can my organisation be involved?

Your organisation can promote this study among employees using your usual communication and social media channels. The study is funded by beyondblue and Movember, so there are no additional costs involved.

If you would like to discuss how this study could meet your organizational needs, please contact Dr Isabella Choi on phone: 02 9515 1593 or email: isabella.choi@sydney.edu.au.