Bron and Amy The Great Plastic Rescue

The National Retail Association is proud to announce that it has partnered with The Great Plastic Rescue to help retailers avoid disposing of excess stock into landfill.

From Wednesday 1 September 2021, the Queensland Single-Use Plastics Items Ban will be in effect.

With retailers to cease supplying single use plastic straws, cutlery, plates, bowls and expanded polystyrene cups and containers, there is a risk that leftover excess stock of ‘useful’ plastics are inadvertently ending up in landfill.

The Great Plastic Rescue is an innovative, world-leading initiative which will help retailers and suppliers to ensure unexhausted plastic stock has a new and productive life.


About The Great Plastic Rescue

The Great Plastic Rescue is a statewide program to support Queensland businesses, schools and community groups give clean, unused single-use plastic items a meaningful second life.

How it works

  1. If it’s banned, don’t bin it!

Save and store your clean, unused excess stock. 

2. Register online here.

3. The Great Plastic Rescue team will be in contact. 

There are a range of collection and receipt options available, based on your location and volume of stock.

4. The Great Plastic Rescue team will recycle and report back to you.

The Great Plastic Rescue will reprocess, recycle and remanufacture your obsolete stock into valuable products with longer useful lifespans and report back into their joint impact statement.




Have any issues or questions?

Businesses seeking information about the QLD ban, or those in other states/territories, should visit the National Retail Association’s dedicated website or call 1800 844 946.


Boomerang Alliance has also been appointed by the Queensland Government to explain the changes to community and not-for-profit organisations. Register for one of their community sessions here: