The Australasian Recycling Label’s (ARL) are pleased to provide an update regarding the ARL’s, newest Check Locally logo, including the steps brand owners need to take in order to be eligible for a new label.

Following the collapse of REDcycle, brand owners are required to update any soft plastics labelling that directs consumers to “Return to Store” or “Store Drop Off”.

The ARL Program thresholds for soft plastics were revised last year and are now in effect. Packaging that meets these thresholds is now eligible for the new Check Locally logo. If your packaging does not meet the new thresholds, the Not Recyclable logo must be applied. 

PREP has been updated with these thresholds. The assessment is available for all members to use. New projects will automatically apply the new thresholds.  Old projects can be updated manually. We are continuing to improve the user experience for old projects with PREP with an aim to automate the update across all projects. ARL will provide updates once this is available. Please see here for detailed steps and a handy decision tree to help understand the required actions specific to your situation.

Brands can start reviewing their thresholds and artwork now and will have until 1st July 2025 to complete their on-pack updates, after which time it will be an ACCC expectation. To review the ACCC correspondence and their guidance to brand owners and retailers, please see here.

Please note, the thresholds for New Zealand remain unchanged.

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