NetStripes Partnership

The National Retail Association (NRA) is excited to announce that we have welcomed a new partner on board to assist retailers with the transition from traditional brick-and-mortar to a digitally successful business. This has become such an essential part of survival in these times. netStripes will help you make this transition in a fast, efficient and affordable manner, while you enjoy some great benefits as well as pick up new skills and knowledge that will help your journey.

netStripes have worked with over 5,000 business owners and are acclaimed as the Digital Marketing Specialist for small and medium businesses in Australia. Headed by Digital Marketing Expert and leading authority on Small Business Innovation, Dinesh De Silva, netStripes aims to empower 1 million business owners with the right digital knowledge, skills and web solutions to accelerate their limitless potential for growth and success.

They have served as the Digital Specialist Provider for small businesses on an exclusive basis for the NSW Government’s Business Connect program between 2017-2020, and are currently working with multiple industry associations and local governments to achieve their vision.

NRA CEO Dominique Lamb said the move could not be more timely in the current economic climate.

“We have seen a shift towards online shopping due to the lockdowns across the country. We know that now is the time to assist retailers to become competitive online and provide the tools for success. This new partnership with netStripes is aimed at giving our members a boost for their business and guidance in navigating the sometimes intimidating online landscape.”

netStripes has introduced several programs to guide business owners to fearlessly take on accelerated growth and face these challenging times. They help businesses reinvent themselves by developing a cutting edge digital business strategy and build a strong digital infrastructure that is both resilient and agile so that owners can confidently operate even during times of crisis. As a member of the NRA, you will get the opportunity to be a part of this exciting process and experience digital transformation.

‘Futurise’, an innovative online learning program is netStripes’ latest brainchild designed to provide in-depth knowledge of advancements in digital acceleration and the essential skills needed to create further value to enhance intellectual capital in businesses. The program consists of Futurise Insights – a suite of free live weekly webinars covering topics on digital and social media marketing and innovation; and Futurise Foundation – an online learning and strategy program.

Members will also have access to one-on-one Digital Strategy Advisory with a digital specialist where they can assess and customise personalised goals and strategies to help business owners develop their digital infrastructure. The system is based on netStripes Strategy Framework (NSF) and was created specifically for small and medium enterprises using IP developed over 15 years.

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