We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all participants, speakers, and attendees for making yesterday’s virtual roadshow event a resounding success. Your engagement and insights are invaluable as we work towards a more sustainable future in the retail sector. Here’s a wrap-up of what we covered, plus some exciting announcements for our next session!

How to Get Started with Sustainability

In our first session, we uncovered the secrets to kickstarting your sustainability journey. Alicia Clarke from PwC stressed the importance of understanding and complying with upcoming regulatory requirements, especially focusing on energy use. Ben Daley from Carbon Halo highlighted the power of transparently communicating your existing sustainable efforts, while Ellie from Go For Zero shared practical steps like reducing packaging and conducting bin audits.

The Future of Sustainability and the Circular Economy

Our second session took a leap into the future of sustainability and the circular economy. Taeressa from Team Global Express challenged us to rethink e-commerce and reverse logistics, emphasising the need for partnerships. Ryan from Circonomy emphasised the growing importance of sustainability and integrating repair, refurbishment, and reuse into business models. Carlie from Just Shear reminded us that creating high-quality, durable products not only reduces waste but also builds customer loyalty.

Marketing Your Sustainability Credentials vs Greenwashing

In our third session, we navigated the delicate balance between marketing sustainability and avoiding greenwashing. Both Jackson from Mateship and Kiarne from Sustainable Choice warned against vague terms and misleading imagery, while stressing the importance of substantiating claims with evidence. Bonnie from the National Retail Association encouraged us to rely on trusted certification programs and ensure transparency and authenticity in our marketing materials.

Watch the Recording

Couldn’t make it to the session or want to revisit the key takeaways? You can watch the full recording of our roadshow here.