We had an exciting day at the ‘Performance’ stream of our virtual retail roadshow yesterday, and we couldn’t wait to share the highlights with you. From AI innovations to cybersecurity essentials and mastering the customer journey, our experts shared invaluable insights to turbocharge your retail strategies. Thank you for joining us! Whether you were there for the whole event or just a session or two, here’s a quick recap of what you might have missed!

AI and Retail Performance

Our first session explored how AI is transforming retail. Brian Man from PwC, Brad Granger from Podium, and John Ball from Google highlighted the critical role of data and the potential of AI to revolutionise customer experiences and streamline operations. John Ball emphasised, “Data is the foundation of any successful AI implementation.” The panellists discussed starting with clear objectives and focusing on mission-critical processes for effective AI integration. They showcased how AI can significantly improve customer service through chatbots and data insights, making it a transformative tool for retailers looking to stay competitive.

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Cyber Security and Retail Security

Security experts Tracey Edwards from NBN Co, Mark Gentle from Checkpoint, Scott Harris from Workforce Resilience, and Mike Younger from PwC tackled cybersecurity and retail security issues. Cyber hygiene, including patching and securing critical assets, is crucial. Mike Younger noted, “Cyber hygiene is not glamorous, but it’s the bedrock of a strong security posture.” The panel also highlighted the impact of RFID technology on inventory management, providing real-time tracking and reducing shrinkage. Staying on top of both physical and cyber threats is essential for modern retailers.

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Customer Journey and Loyalty

In our final session, Nick Gray from I GOT YOU Consultancy, Nigel Murdoch from Sinch MessageMedia, and Dr. Jason Pallant from RMIT University discussed mapping and enhancing the modern customer journey. Nick Gray stressed that customers are not just buying products; they’re buying feelings. “Understanding this emotional connection is key to driving loyalty,” he said. The session emphasised the importance of integrating online and offline experiences, as customers today expect immediacy and relevance. Building deeper emotional connections with customers leads to greater loyalty and advocacy.

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