It is anticipated that the Fair Work Commission will make a decision regarding weekend penalty rates by September.

Adjustments to weekend penalty rates has been one of several issues flagged as a part of the Commission’s 4 year review of the Modern Awards. A number of submissions and applications have been made by employers and employees since 2014.

The process seemed to be approaching a conclusion at a Commission hearing for penalty rates in April 2016, with the final window for submissions closing in June 2016.

As at this point, the Commission has not stated when the weekend penalty rates ruling will be delivered. However, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry point out that the Commission will be required to make a ruling by the 13th of September to meet its own timeliness benchmarks.

A number of parties have voiced concerns that Modern Award Review proceedings are set to continue until late 2017. These concerns have come to the fore recently, as the next 4 Year Modern Award Review is scheduled to commence in 2018.

The NRA will do our utmost to keep members informed of any decisions made in relation to the Modern Award Review. If you have any questions or would like to speak with one of our Workplace Advisors please call the NRA Hotline on 1800 RETAIL (738 245).