CEO Dominique Lamb

Gift cards are back on the agenda this week, with the New South Wales Government’s new legislation to introduce mandatory three-year minimum expiry dates set to kick in this Saturday, March 31.

While we were naturally not a great supporter of this move, the NRA’s extensive track record of collaborative consultation with governments on all sides of politics has given us the opportunity to consult exclusively with the Berejiklian Government, to inject your needs into the conversation.

Our input throughout this process has led to several improvements, the first of which involved delaying the implementation by six months to allow adequate time for you to prepare for the new rules to kick in (including running down your old stocks), and also to avoid having to implement during the crucial pre-Christmas trading period.

While the legislation is far from ideal for New South Wales retailers, it is now far more beneficial than it would have otherwise have been without our intervention.

Given the national narrative regarding this issue, it’s been clear for some time that eventually, these reforms would likely be implemented in every state and territory nation-wide.

As such, we knew the NSW legislation would also likely go on to become the template for each of these other jurisdictions going forward, so we do thank the NSW Government for working so closely with us to assess the unforeseen impacts on retailers, and for amending the legislation accordingly wherever possible.

Click here for the New South Wales Office of Fair Trading Fact Sheet.

NSW gift card reforms kick in on March 31 – what else do you need to know?

To Queensland, and it’s now fewer than 100 days until its single-use plastic bag ban kicks off – something we’ve been on working very closely with the Palaszczuk Government.

The state-wide ban comes into effect on July 1, however retailers across the state have started winding down old bag stocks and started to inform their customers using the signage available here.

Retailers who do not comply with the news laws from July 1 face hefty fines of over $6,000, so we’ve been conducting workshops around the state in partnership with the QLD Government to help everyone prepare.

If you’re in Queensland, you can find more information here.

Western Australia will also ban the bag come July 1, where we’ve also just partnered with the McGowan Government to ensure that retailers are given the support they need to minimise the financial impost, and to make sure it’s as seamless a transition as possible.

You can find more information on WA’s impending ban here.

We’ve been able to further explore some of the ‘grey areas’ on the expected operation of these new laws with the Government.

Have a great week.

Dominique Lamb, CEO.