Dominique Lamb Message from the Ceo

At the NRA we pride ourselves on being the voice of modern retail, which is why it was a delight for our leadership team to come together on Friday to discuss the state of the retail industry and the NRA’s strategy for the coming year.

At the present time, all that is certain is that things are uncertain. Retail is emerging from COVID restrictions and preparing to get back to business, but war and a federal election still create some unpredictability going forward.

The NRA leadership team kept this in mind when planning for the year ahead. We continue to focus on the key pillars for retail – support for the people in retail, the push for ethical and sustainable retail practices, education and investment in technology, support on the growing issue of retail crime, education and financial literacy for business, and sustainability. In a nutshell, we are here to engage with you and assist you to grow.

The leadership team also welcomed a lively discussion with guest speaker Cameron Douglas, CEO of Videopro, on the issues that mattered most to his business. Cameron spoke about how Videopro ensured staff retention during lockdown periods, and how the brand relaunched its eCommerce offering with great success. There were many more terrific insights, and it is always a pleasure for the leadership team to continue to speak directly to our members to ensure our strategy for training, advocacy and representation is on target.

On another note, time is running out to secure your spot at the inaugural NRXpo. I am so incredibly pleased to be bringing this event to Sydney with the help of our events team, and I am confident that the balanced and informative agenda can benefit each and every one of our members. You will have the chance to network with retailers, and even have the opportunity to speak directly with me (and our new board members) after what has been a long period without travel. Explore the agenda and purchase your ticket at

Best of luck for the week ahead.






Dominique Lamb

Chief Executive Officer