Dominique Lamb Message from the Ceo

Today I am writing to you from Melbourne, where I am attending an Industry Committee meeting on the Casual Mall Licensing Code. Last year the Code was extended for an additional ten years, meaning that businesses can occupy pop-up stores in shopping centres to either increase their footprint during busy trading periods, or get their foot in the door as a start-up. As we emerge from the pandemic, pop-ups will continue to play an integral role in supporting the continued growth of the Australian retail sector. The Committee will meet to discuss the issues retailers are currently facing, and brainstorm ways to work with shopping centres to communicate more effectively on positive outcomes. By participating in these meetings we make sure your voices, as our members, are heard.

The National Retail Association team this week also took the opportunity to deepen our understanding of how the sausage gets made in retail, or more accurately how the coffee beans get roasted. Our team was invited to take a tour at The Coffee Commune, a coffee roaster, café and event space in Brisbane.

Hannah and Annaliese were kind enough to show our team the entire process of getting the green coffee beans from around the world, roasting them onsite and then ensuring the customer gets the perfect brew. Additionally, The Coffee Commune diversifies its revenue streams by hosting events with industry experts and selling coffee subscriptions. It’s an amazing example of resilient retail.

It’s a great reminder that so much more goes into our vibrant industry than what is apparent from the shop floor. Thank you again to The Coffee Commune, and we look forward to our next team education day exploring all the different facets of retail.

All the best for the week and keep well.






Dominique Lamb

Chief Executive Officer