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We would like to take this opportunity to notify our membership that we are farewelling Troy Wild, NRA’s Director, Legal Division, who has been a great support to all of you over the past 12 months.  We thank Troy for his contribution to the NRA and the retail industry and wish him well in his future endeavours.

Justine Ansell will be leading NRA’s Legal division and in addition to a distinguished background in law, she comes to the position with a wealth of experience in both fast food and retail.

Justine has over 20 years of experience providing employment law, industrial relations, human resources and safety advice for businesses, from top 25 ASX listed companies, to some of Australia’s leading companies and brands both here and overseas.

Prior to becoming a lawyer, Justine started her career in the fast food and retail sectors, working as a tireless runner and pre-close operator in her local McDonalds and then moved into retail, working first in Miss Shop at Myer but quickly moving up to a personnel officer, which she continued throughout her studies, and which of course helped fund her passion for clothes, as well as her text books.

Justine has since worked as a trusted advisor in providing solutions to workplace issues and disputes to businesses. Justine is a proactive practitioner, working to properly manage and resolve workplace issues and risks, working to limit the losses and costs on business.  With extensive experience in top tier international and mid-tier law firms and in-house, Justine has also worked in a number of employer associations and understands that members sometimes need an extra pair of hands to navigate the right path in what is a complex, highly regulated and costly space, managing what is usually the biggest asset and cost base of a business, its people.

Not only does the NRA welcome Justine to the team, but we are confident that she will do a stellar job in providing the necessary support to all NRA members on any legal queries they may have.  Justine looks forward to meeting our members over the coming weeks.

Have a great week.

Dominique Lamb, CEO.