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You will recall late last year that the NRA was quite vocal regarding the issue of double-dipping, whereby casual employees can be entitled to back pay for entitlements such as annual leave and redundancy payments. The issue burst onto the scene late last year following a Federal Court ruling regarding a mining employee that sent shockwaves across the small business community, fearful that similar rulings would follow.

The Federal Government responded by implementing a regulation that prevented 3.3 million small and family businesses (many in retail) from being exposed to double-dipping claims. This move was warmly welcomed by the NRA.

However, late last week it was revealed that the Federal Opposition will be moving a disallowance motion in the Senate. The effect of this is to overturn the regulation should a majority of senators vote in favour and the issue is expected to be debated on April 2.

Needless to say, the NRA strongly opposes this measure given the ramifications it could have. Between now and April 2 the NRA will be advocating to all crossbench senators urging them to not overturn this regulation and to understand the real pain that it could cause small business across numerous industries. We will be keeping you all updated between now and then.

A final reminder also to grab your tickets to Retail Week ’19 State of the Retail Nation. The NRA, in conjunction with Rest Superannuation, will be hosting a breakfast panel on the Tuesday morning.

The panel will include:
Tim Conolan – Founder & CEO of TLC for kids
Nick Pearce – CEO of HoMie
Alina Bidewell – People & Culture Business Partner at Coles Digital
Lindsay Carroll – Legal Practice Director & Deputy CEO of NRA

You can grab your tickets or find further information by clicking here.

I hope you have a great week!