Greg Griffith

The National Retail Association team is enthusiastically preparing to create a spectacular evening for retailers at the upcoming National Retail Awards. With the event just around the corner, we’re thrilled to announce that our Early Bird tickets are now up for grabs at a discounted rate for a limited time only. To purchase your tickets, please register here.

After the incredible success of our last virtual workshop on handling aggressive and abusive customers with confidence, we are bringing back additional sessions. These workshops are essential in the modern retail industry, offering frontline staff valuable skills to effectively handle challenging or hazardous scenarios. You can register to attend the sessions here.

This week, NRA Legal has shared an article on ‘The Importance of prioritising performance management”. This article emphasises the critical nature of positioning effective performance management at the forefront within these dynamic sectors. For the complete article, please follow the link provided here.

I wanted to take a moment to highlight the incredible efforts of our National Retail Association’s Policy team. They are at the forefront, actively engaging with various sustainability and environmental regulations that significantly affect retailers and their supply chains. Our collaboration with multiple governments to deliver state-wide education programs, specifically tailored to support businesses dealing with sustainability policies like single-use plastic bans, showcases our commitment to making a positive impact. To review the QLD, WA and ACT single-use plastic ban sessions, register here.

Last week, I spoke to ABC about the retail trade figures, and more broadly, how retailers are facing current economic challenges. The National Retail Association are out talking to retailers every day and we’re working hard to advocate on your behalf.

Have a great week ahead.