Greg Griffith

An essential aspect of our work involves connecting with retailers and our members to gain insights into the challenges confronting the retail industry. What’s also equally important is our commitment to recognise retailers nationwide. During my visit to Sydney this week, I had the opportunity to engage with our members and pay a visit to local retailers like the Nth Degree Café located in the heart of Sydney’s CBD.

Retail is at the heart of our operations and if you wish to honour and celebrate a great local business, I encourage you to nominate them in our 2023 National Retail Awards. This year we now have 17 categories to choose from and all nominations are free of charge and open to both members and non-members of the Association. You can nominate a retailer by reading more here.

Additionally, the retail sector serves as the starting point for countless young individuals across Australia, marking their first employment opportunity. Stephen Poole was awarded the National Retail Awards 2022 Young Retailer of the Year, to acknowledge his hard work and contribution to the retail sector. This award holds a profound impact to make a significant difference in the life of a young retailer, and you can witness Stephen’s interview by clicking here.

In exciting news, we’re proud to announce a formal partnership with the Australian Music Association, the renowned industry body for the music products sector, aimed towards providing support, information, and representation for the retailers and wholesalers’ community. This exciting collaboration brings together two industry leaders with a shared vision to support and represent members of the retail industry, and we look forward to working closely with them.

A critical reminder for employers in Victoria, the government has provided a deadline of 11 August 2023 to destroy any COVID-19 vaccine information they have recorded or held under the Occupational Health and Safety Amendment. To access vital information and guarantee your workplace’s compliance with the latest regulations please access the link here.

In a big announcement from the Federal Government this week, Minister Chris Bowen announced new climate plans. The National Retail Association is calling on government to factor in the additional costs these targets would bring to our retailers, and we sincerely believe that a carefully tailored industry and small business plan should be included in the ongoing consultation process.

To achieve net-zero emissions is a nationwide mission. For further details regarding the Association’s view, you can access more information here

Have a great week ahead.