Greg Griffith

The NRA is leading retail through a new wave of ESG, with the appointment of our new specialist policy consultant, Dr Geoffrey Annison.

The expansion of our policy and advocacy to focus on the broader pillars of sustainability, health and corporate social governance is an indicator of how much the NRA is progressing on the key issues important to retailers and consumers. Members will be represented with a single voice on these issues and be guided through the changing regulations and social expectations in this space.

Engaging workers on employment visas has been an area of interest for members of late. We are in a tight labour market at present and workers on visas can be essential to helping retailers recruit new talent and ensure your staff are equipped to meet customer expectations.

With this in mind, our workplace relations team will be providing great discussion and expert advice on how to engage workers on employment visas at our next legal event. Join WR Consultant Amy Lynes and leading migration agent Phi Vo online next month for this must-attend webinar for all members looking to recruit.

Click HERE for more information or to register for the session.

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