food labelling on menus

Food labelling in the spotlight for Qld’s fast food and snack chains

This time last year, the Palaszczuk Government passed the Health Legislation Amendment Bill, giving food businesses 12 months to introduce the kilojoule content of their food and drinks into their point-of-sale materials.

As of 25 March, the new legislation will take full effect applying to fast-food chains, bakery chains, café chains and supermarkets with at least 20 outlets in Queensland or 50 outlets nationwide. This follows similar guidelines introduced in NSW, SA and the ACT.

The amendments mean kilojoule counts must be displayed on in-store menus and labels, drive-through menus, online ordering sites, mobile applications and printed menus distributed to households.

Queensland Health has also launched a campaign called ‘Healthier. Happier.’ to publicise the legislation, improve people’s awareness and understanding about what they’re eating, and educate people about their own personal energy needs.

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