Victoria State Government

The Victorian State Government has commenced its small business regulation review to help identify barriers that are hindering growth and sustainability across the state. The review will be led by the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources, with a goal to reducing red tape and the regulatory burden on small businesses.

Small businesses contribute more than 35 per cent towards Victoria’s economy and employ almost half of the state’s private sector workforce. In light of this, a review is being carried out over the next two years across three different sectors. The first to be examined is the retail industry, which encompasses a wide range of businesses and generates over 9000 new jobs each year.

To assist in this review, the Department is calling for small businesses and industry associations to provide feedback on their compliance with different regulations. Whether you are setting up a new business, selling/buying an existing business or employing new staff, business owners are invited to discuss the difficulties they encounter and any specific challenges which encumber their ability to expand. This may include, for example, onerous reporting requirements or permit applications which cause significant delays. More information on the areas of regulation subject to review can found in the Issues Paper.

“Our vision is to support a vibrant small business retail sector where it is easy for small businesses to start up, operate and grow. Reducing regulatory red tape and removing excessive compliance costs where possible, will help attract new investment into the industry.”

Public consultation on the Issues Paper will close on 30 September. It will be followed by a public consultation on the draft Action Statement, before the final deliverable is publicly released in mid-2017.

Retailers may submit their comments online, by email or in person at one of the industry roundtable events being held throughout August. More information, including how to register for one of these events can be found here or by calling 13 22 15.

Alternatively, members are invited to discuss their concerns with the NRA, who will be compiling a submission on key regulatory issues affecting the growth of our Victorian members.

To highlight your experiences and understanding of the regulations, contact us today.