National Retail Associaltion

We interviewed our winners from the 2018 National Retail Awards. Meet Madison Keynes from Target our Store Manager of the Year.

  1. Where did your retail journey begin?

My journey began as a 15 year old fresh faced, fresh food kid at Woolworths in Lavington, NSW.

I began on the registers and worked my way up to a supervisor before moving far north to Cairns in 2009.

  1. What was the biggest challenge you have faced so far as a retailer and how did you overcome this challenge.

The biggest challenge we face as retailers is to keep growing our brick and mortar transactions as retail starts transitioning to online.

In our Mareeba store, we’ve increased our ranges throughout each department, giving our locals more variety and more options.

But by far the most effective impact is to provide an exceptional customer experience- a friendly hello, and a ‘nothing’s to difficult’ outlook.

The great thing about running a store in a regional area is being able to build relationships with our customers, getting to know them on a first name basis and offering a chat as well as a browse.

  1. What is the greatest part of being in the retail industry?

Being part of the innovative journey, the voice and influence Target gives each employee, building the skill sets for our next generation in retail and the wonderful connections that we build with the community.

  1. As a community what do you believe retail can do to grow and overcome the adversities the industry currently face?

By being as digitally engaged as we are customers engaged in stores.

Having that connection with the community and giving back is also so, so important.

Whether it be supporting local schools, animal shelters even our partnership with uniting care.

  1. What does the future hold for your business? What does winning your award mean of you?

The future is as bright as the beaming faces we employ!

Target is bringing exciting new lines to our stores each and every day. As a company we are on the front foot with innovation, continuously finding new ways to benefit our customer.

Winning Store Manager of the Year.. wow… I still can’t believe it! I’m so grateful to be recognised on a national platform.

I wouldn’t have been able to achieve such a monumental award without the help and support of such a passionate team at Mareeba.

My award is proudly mounted at our store entrance and is a such great conversation starter!

A huge thank you again to the National Retail Association!