We interviewed our winners from the 2018 National Retail Awards. Meet Salvatore Battaglia from Perfect Potion, Our Customer Experience Champion of the Year.

  1. Where did your retail journey begin?

At the North Pine Country Markets in 1986.

  1. What was the biggest challenge you have faced so far as a retailer and how did you overcome this challenge.

No matter what business you are in we are constantly facing challenges. Whether it is landlords thinking that they can increase the rent by more than 50%, or being told that after 20 years in the same location that your lease will not be renewed. The point is how to respond to the challenge. I believe having a clear vision and purpose helps one to stay focused no matter what the challenges are. Making sure you have the right support and team and advisers that can help you navigate the constant bombardment of challenges.

  1. What is the greatest part of being in the retail industry in 2018?

Retail is constantly evolving and whether it is online or bricks and mortar, it’s all about the stories you have to share with your customers and about the experience. I love telling stories so that is the greatest part of being in retail for me!

  1. As a community what do you believe retail can do to grow and overcome the adversities the industry currently face?

That’s exactly the challenge – I feel that there is less community in retail than there has ever been before. As retailers we need to re-establish the community spirit within the retail sector. I think that the NRA is an important platform to foster this community.

Whether it be bricks and mortar shops or online, retail is being saturated with multinational corporates and retail brands that lack soul or are purely driven by marketing and greenwashing hype. We need to send a stronger message to community to think before they shop – support those local businesses and retailers that care for environment, well being and community.

  1. What does the future hold for your business? What does winning your award mean of you?

Awesome and so exciting – in moving to the future we are looking at the past – focusing on becoming zero waste, focusing on sustainability, wellbeing and health is what really motivates us. Our vision is to make Perfect Potion the most sought after experience in the world. Winning this award validates what we are doing and it is truly the greatest award we have ever won!