Increasing Product Safety Through Improvements to Mandatory Standards Regulations Eature
In a major win for Australian businesses and consumers alike, Treasury has announced improvements to mandatory standards regulations that will mean trusted international standards will be more easily recognised under Australian Consumer Law (ACL).

For years, the the National Retail Association (NRA) has championed retail product safety through our Technical Standards Committee. We have long advocated for a more efficient and flexible regulatory architecture for updating mandatory standards that would reduce complexity and unnecessary costs to achieve increased consumer safety and compliance.

We commend the Federal Government for their commitment to cutting red tape with the improvements expected to save Australian businesses $136 million per year.

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About the Technical Standards Committee

The NRA Technical Standards Committee (NRA-TSC) brings together quality assurance and product compliance specialists from multiple retail categories to discuss challenges and solutions in terms of product safety and compliance.

This group provides an opportunity for retailers to:

  • Keep up to date with changes in the technical standards applying to your products
  • Learn from your peers in other Australian retail chains and stores about problems and solutions
  • Contribute to and formulate national policy and standards as a Standards Australia nominating committee
  • Engage in the dialogue between the retail sector and government and regulators about the issues concerning your business
  • Attend presentations on topical issues from guest speakers from industry, regulators and suppliers
  • Network with other product safety professionals and specialists in your field of expertise

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