Legal Beagles Episode 5 Wage Theft

A topic very near and dear to the Legal Beagles hearts.  Cal and Al return this week with a topic causing some stress for well-known brands – workplace bullying (aka exhibit one for Cal’s claim to the Fair Work Commission). But the topic of workplace bullying is no laughing matter. It can cause physical and psychological harm, and needs to be dealt with in a decisive manner. Join the #LegalBeagles on a discussion on what constitutes bullying and how to deal with it.

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While we take a lighthearted approach to the topic this week, it’s important to remember to seek help for mental health if you need it. We have provided resources below if you require support.


Investigating a bullying claim can be complex. You’ll come across a range of employment law rights and responsibilities, WHS obligations and the requirements of procedural fairness. To ensure that you are aware of the risks and are prepared to meet this challenge, the register for our Workplace Investigations Masterclass in Sydney. You will come away equipped with the skills you need to avoid making these kinds of mistakes.


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