July 1 Student visa changes loom as a challenge for retail

Retail and hospitality businesses that employ student visa holders need to be aware of looming changes to limits of work hours, which will take force from July 1. Student visa holders will be limited to 48 hours work per fortnight, which the Federal Government says will enable them to focus on their education while also supporting themselves and contributing to the workforce. The previous limits were lifted during the pandemic, as part of the government’s response to workforce shortages.

Under the new arrangements, students must maintain their course enrolments and ensure satisfactory progress, while employers must fulfill all their responsibilities under Australian workplace law.

The National Retail Association (NRA) is aware of a number of members who will be impacted by these changes, particularly in the hospitality sector. We would like to hear from you if your business is affected, particularly if these changes cause labour shortages and affect your operations or viability. This will help us keep the government aware of the impact of these changes, and to lobby for them to be reviewed if necessary. NRA members can also contact us if they need advice on their responsibilities under these changes.

We know the recruitment challenge has not eased for many business owners, and we know this means you will spend more time working in your business, rather than on it. To help you address this challenge, the NRA will hold a free webinar on immigration and employment visas on March 9.
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As a reminder, our employment law division is always available to support members who need help interpreting or implementing their responsibilities under these, and other workforce laws.