We asked this question when we recently visited fashion retailer, Mimco’s, flagship boutique on Pitt Street, Sydney.

Upon entering the store, you are greeted by a 360 degree projection ring with seamless inspirational content running above the merchandise throughout. The focal point of the digital activities instore is the interactive touch table. The table (similar to a giant tablet) educates consumers around the brand values and acts as a point of inspiration with style advisory. The main point of innovation here is the touch table’s ability to recognise products placed on it through the use of 2D barcodes and shape detecting cameras.

So is this just a gadget or does it create valuable engagement?

As a consumer interacting with it, we found the process highly engaging and encouraged us to pick up items we may have never considered before, simply to explore what information or style ideas the table provides. Whether you still get this buzz after several visits to the store is questionable, however the interaction creates a relationship between you and the brand and so consequently you may return to the store for the unique service offer and stronger understanding you have developed of the product.

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