Imfree gives us the opportunity to target customers who want to engage with us, and other businesses locally. Everyone has got a mobile phone and we’re moving more towards digital and less to papers, so it gives us flexibility to move away from our traditional catalogue.  People are reading less but they’re engaging more with their phones, so Imfree’s fantastic.

We can walk around the store every morning, go to every department manager, take a photo of a product, put a special up on Imfree, push it out to their members and then sit back and let it happen – and it does!

Another great advantage is how flexible and immediate Imfree is.  We don’t have to spend a week trying to think up a newspaper ad, or even TV or radio.  We can spot a problem product, stick it up on Imfree and ‘boom’, problem solved, instant marketing.

It’s far easier for us to monitor the results of promotions that we’re doing because it’s all on our phones and we carry it around with us.  It’s not an effort.

As this rolls out I can see that we will be using the app to solve the supermarket and the mum’s dilemma, which is that at 3 o’clock in the afternoon 80% of people who come into our business don’t know what’s for dinner tonight, so we could put a recipe for dinner incorporating one of our weekly specials.  We could also use Imfree to promote community events, or events within the store, so that’s a win-win for the business and the community.

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