Each year, the Minister for the Environment announces the product stewardship priority list that identifies products most in need of product stewardship action. In a first, the next list will be informed following a call for public nominations, which encourages retailers to also contribute their suggestions.

Product stewardship schemes are industry-led activities that design our waste, help keep valuable resources out of landfill and provide environmental and health benefits. It’s all about shared responsibility for a product’s whole lifecycle, from design and manufacture to its packaging and what happens at the end of its life.  Valuable materials can be used again and again in a circular economy.

Textiles and problematic and unnecessary single use plastics were added to last year’s list, now plans for future product stewardship actions and schemes are unfolding. And batteries were removed from the list, as Australia’s first national battery recycling scheme will be launched in early 2022.

You can now provide your suggestions for the 2022-23 Minister’s Priority List. Your feedback will play a part in developing future priorities.

Priority will be given to products and materials where there are clearly identifiable product stewardship actions that provide environmental, social and health benefits, where there is industry buy-in, and where actions will contribute to domestic targets and international commitments.

To nominate a product or material:

Have your say by 5pm, Friday 17 December 2021.

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