Hardware Australia | NRA

As a result of 12 months of consultation and work, each of the State Hardware Industry Associations has now united together into one national body.

Hardware Australia is a single national voice for independent hardware operators and suppliers and comprises of a national committee made up of two representatives from each state, ensuring that industry can be represented fairly at local, state and national levels.

“Hardware Australia’s creation is particularly timely given the change expected in the industry in the near future,” Hardware Australia’s Executive Office/Secretariat, Scott Wiseman said.

The first action of the new national voice was writing to the ACCC to request consultation in relation to any proposed transactions and to express concerns over the possible further exacerbation of market dominance.

The NRA worked closely with the previous State Hardware Associations and looks forward to continuing this strong relationship with Hardware Australia.

For more information contact Scott Wiseman from Hardware Australia on 1800 445 522