Brisbane Suburban Shopfronts

Brisbane City Council is offering grants for suburban retailers outside Brisbane CBD to improve their shopfronts. The Suburban Shopfront Improvement Grant Program is designed to drive suburban economic vitality by helping businesses and property owners to upgrade their shopfronts.


  • Grants are available for long-term, street-level improvements to suburban shopfronts.
  • Funding will cover up to 50% of the cost of visual improvements to a shopfront exterior, to a maximum of $5000 (ex GST).
  • The balance cost (50% or more) of the shopfront improvements must be met by the Applicant.
  • There are requirements around the type of shopfront applicable and improvements that can be made.


  • The grants will be open to suburban shopfronts in Brisbane
  • Businesses in Brisbane’s Central Business District are ineligible to participate in the program
  • Applications can be made by the property owner, or the tenant with the property owner’s written consent
  • The tenant cannot be a franchise and must be a small business (less than 20 employees including part-time and casual staff)

What Improvement are allowable

Improvements include repairs, replacement or new applications of awnings, windows, doors, lighting, painting, landscaping, tiles or other decorative material and signs.

The NRA has done significant work around business security and continually advocates for grants and programs such as the Suburban Shopfront Improvement Grant to address retail crime. If your business has experienced issues with crime or security this grant is a great opportunity to improve areas such as business identification, landscaping, lighting and installing new doors and quality locks.

Applications for the 2020-21 financial year are open now and close on Wednesday 23 December 2020. Find out more information and how to apply here.


Access Suburban Shopfront Improvement Grants here