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Do you have aging models or end of season stock sitting in a warehouse collecting dust and costing you money? Good360 could be your solution.

 Good360 is a one stop solution for retailers to donate excess brand new goods to charities and not-for-profits to help Australians in need.

Click here to hear what Alison Covington, our Founder & MD recently said about Good360 on “Switzer” – Sky News Business Channel.

What is Good360?

When Alison Covington discovered Good360 in the USA, she was amazed by the scale, innovation and efficiency of the charity – over 33 years A$12b of new goods, including clothes, toys, school/office supplies, personal care, homewares, sports and clothing have assisted millions of Americans in need.

In Australia, Good360 had charities connecting food to people in need, but where did all the non-perishables go? According to the Australian Council of Social Service, 2.2m Australians are estimated to be living in poverty. 

Good360 Australia

In just over 2 years they have given over $9m of new goods to 500 Australian charities, for free (exc. S&H), amounting to more than 1.9m individual items through their website.

Good360 has been generously supported by many product Donors including L’Oréal, Woolworths, LUSH, Bantex, Shoes of Prey, 3M, Staples, Linen House and many more.

They receive donations in boxes, pallets and truckloads at our 10,000m2 warehouse in Smithfield, Sydney. Their warehouse and office space is generously supplied by Goodman Foundation.

Why Good360?

Good360 makes a huge impact on Australians in need and that positively reflects on our wonderful Donors.

“Working alongside Good360 gives us the confidence and assurance that our products are reaching those who really need it. Good360 are passionate and professional, they make the process easy and allow LUSH to reach individuals and communities we may otherwise not have the opportunity to connect with. We look forward to our continued partnership and and impact.” Peta Granger, Director LUSH Australasia

Good360 can tailor-make goodness for your business just as they have done with LUSH, through:

  • Impact Stories
  • Saving warehouse and disposal costs
  • Raising employee and consumer engagement, and
  • Supporting charities across all causes, nationally

Click here to read some of the wonderful Impact Stories written by charities that have ordered goods from Good360.

Make Good Happen

If your business is considering making an impact on Australians in need, if you and your staff take Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) seriously and if you would like to be recognised as a community leader, then Good360 might be for you.

Help make good happen and contact Good360 today. Email Mark Herman, Corporate Sales Manager on mark@good360.org.au or call him on (02) 8594 3600