Empowering Store Associate

The convergence of online and in-store retailing is happening at a rapid pace.

This coming together goes beyond product or place but in expectation.

A recent survey showed that 63% of Australians and 72% of New Zealanders believe the service they get in-store is more personal than online. On the other hand,32% of shoppers surveyed said they would like stores to give them more of the personalised experience they get when shopping online.

In the upcoming free webinar by CitiXsys you will hear from Paula Da Silva, Senior VP of Sales who will present the topic, “Empower the next generation store associate”.

This presentation will show how both the benefits of offering a more personalised service in-store can help meet the expectations of shoppers and how technology is helping staff to do this.

A Commbank Retail Therapy Study conducted in January this year showed that 75% of shoppers feel valued when a store remembers their name, order or previous purchases. 82% showed that they are more likely to spend more in a store they feel valued in. 68% of respondees said they are more likely to return to a store that remembers the shoppers name, order or purchases and 74% will stay loyal to a business that personalises their experience.

The numbers are overwhelmingly supportive of providing a personalised service in-store but how can this be brought to life?

Technology is the critical factor and staff the enabler.

Register today for this insightful webinar to learn more about this exciting topic.